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Hello Amigos The legend began when two village boys survived the bandito raid of Pancho Villa of their little village El Caramba-300 miles south of Tijuana Mexico. The 8 yr old Puncho Nosa took a swig of powerful Indian survival potion MADE FROM CACTUS JUICE, hid inside a packing box and survived 14 bullet hits from three angles. His only surviving friend Carlos,(Not Santana), waited until after the raid and miraculously found Puncho alive and unhurt. The boys lost their families, their brothers and sisters, (some 20 or so) 2 chickens and half a pig,which was cooking at the time, and vowed to revenge the banditos by becoming the greatest mariachi duo in all of Mexico as proof of their survival.  Welcome to the Hey Amigo's site We can be booked for anytime, any terrain. We play the mariachis!

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